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Lottery Scam Alert!

England Gambling Commission is warning consumers about the scammers send any false announcement of the lottery products.

As part of the scam, individuals should contact impostor claiming that the recipient has won a lottery prize with England by telephone, email, text message, or mail. This is a fraudulent claim, no such product. Federal law prohibits the sale or mailing of lottery tickets across state lines. You must be in the state of cod cod buy a lottery ticket or subscription. Masipsiohgwa not provide information in response to this communication or did not send the money to the scammers.

Warning signs:

    Aston Lottery is not who wins tickets to come forward until the winner (excluding lottery subscribers). We do not notice you, they will tell us.

    In order to claim the lottery prize in Daegu it does not require the payment of money.

    No one can send money to any 'fees' payment requests or any other fee to claim a prize.

    Do not deposit the check or wire transfer to send money to accompany your request to cover the processing costs or claims. Check you received is fraudulent and returned.

    Do not provide personal or financial information to scammers, especially social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers.

Report fraud:

114-877-FTC-HELP or FTC consumer information website reports the attempted fraud to the Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission).

If you need additional information, please contact at 114-388-3416 cod lottery security.