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Privacy Policy


Thank you for visiting the Astonpools official website. This website is designed to make Aston State Gaming Commission (the "Gambling Commission") with easier and more individuals and businesses to interact more efficiently. We recognize that it is important to make sure that individuals and businesses are protected when personal information is betting they visit the website of the Commission.

Internet Security and Privacy Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, consistent with the provisions of the Privacy Act. This policy describes the privacy practices of the Gambling Commission about the information collected from users of this website. This policy describes the information that is collected and how that information is used. Since this Privacy Policy applies to this Web site, you should review the privacy policy of your access to this (other state government agencies, including the website), all websites.

For the purpose of this policy, because of the "personal" name, number, symbol, mark, or other identifier, it may be used to identify the natural means information about the person's natural. Or send an e-mail survey, Gambling Commission starts an online transaction, such as a registration or purchase is not providing voluntary information does not collect personal information about you.