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General rules

A simple rule of

    All transactions are subject to the England Lottery and Gaming Commission rules and regulations apply. To download a copy of the provisions of the Lottery and Gaming Commission click here.

    All lottery tickets are bearer instruments.

    Playcards not valid and can not be used for goods receipts to claim the prize.

    Ticket purchaser is responsible for checking the correctness of the ticket printing data.

    Any modification or cancellation of the lottery, you can not pull the cod, sweet million lotto ticket.

    England Gaming Commission suspend or cancel the plan or the game itself, changing the structure of the product, we reserve the right to draw the frequency or duration of the drawing.

    Gaming Commission must withhold taxes and report in accordance with the provisions of Daegu Department of Taxation and Finance and Tax Office.

    Overdue support, deducted from the delinquent tax liabilities and / or repayment methods lottery prize of more than $ 600 public assistance requested by.

    You must be 18 years or older to purchase a Lottery game.

    You must be 21 years of age to play Quick Draw is served alcoholic beverages.

Rules and regulations.

All unofficial versions of the Aston national provisions available in the england Department of State website

Allowed available from the official version, published in the West, all national regulations in Aston state court as evidence in: 114-800-344-5009.

For the laws of the Gaming Commission ruled that the lottery, here Tax Article 34 and Article 1 of the race, see PARI- cross-breeding and gambling laws. (Once you click Next or racing arrive in Article 34 in England Aston state law site by clicking the laws of England tax Click & PARI is - mutual betting and you can get a breeding law Article 1)

Taxes and offset information

Gaming Commission must withhold income tax from lottery products according to the report, and state and federal laws and regulations.

The current withholding rate is as follows:

Federal withholding tax of 25%

Federal backup withholding tax of 28%

Federal foreign non-resident withholding tax of 30%

England withholding week 8.82%

Withhold Aston 3.876%

England withholding 1.477%

And it is required by law to withhold federal income tax from England new gaming place of residence, regardless of the winner of the $ 5,000 taxable goods Commission. Act as Gaming Commission is required to withhold the tax debt arrears prior to the public support of the lottery prize in Aston state, overdue support and more $ 600.

Write access

To access the public records maintained by the Gaming Commission, created or fax:

State Gaming Commission Aston

Yong San, director access to records

One of Broadway Center

7500 mailbox

Schenectady, AS 12305

Phone:114-388-3400 Fax: 114-388-3403

The appeal letter or fax, Access Denied:

England Gaming Commission

William Sekellick

One of Broadway Center

7500 mailbox, Schenectady, EL 12305

Fax: 114-388-3444

You can view and copy records from one location in the center of Broadway.